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Last Updated: Jun 14, 2017 03:34PM EDT

What’s happening?

Beginning Monday, June 19, we’re refreshing our weeknight line-up of news and culture programs from 8pm to midnight. We’re kicking off each evening with a curated one-hour version of 1A each weeknight at 8pm. Public radio’s fastest growing program looks back on the day’s top news and provides a fresh look at the problems facing our country, and how we might come together to solve them.

We’ll continue airing some of the best one-hour shows that public radio offers at 9pm weeknights (previously at 8pm weekdays), retaining variety in the evening schedule and an additional airing of popular weekend shows like Ted Radio Hour and This American Life. On Tuesdays, we’re bringing back a one-hour special programming slot, in order to showcase and pilot limited-edition shows, podcasts, and special offerings like Invisibilia.

What’s with this new version of 1A?
Listeners rely on daily iconic programs like Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and The Kojo Nnamdi Show for in-depth and contextual news that helps make sense of the world around us. Our newest addition to this esteemed list is 1A with host Joshua Johnson. Inspired by the First Amendment, 1A champions America's right to speak freely and features smart conversations around the news designed to make you think, share and engage. To build on 1A’s proven value as essential news listening on weekday mornings, WAMU is now adding a one-hour curated version for our evening line-up that will:

· offer the new flagship news and current affairs program to an audience that may not have the opportunity to listen live during the day;
· broaden in-depth coverage of key developing issues;
· be updated and refreshed as the news demands;
· serve the need for news insights and analysis on weekday evenings

Why are you making these changes?

As part of our commitment to delivering the greatest impact and highest value to our listeners, we regularly evaluate the performance of our programming. Our latest research suggests that the addition of a shorter, curated version of 1A in the evenings will help meet the need for insightful news analysis into the evening hours. We’ve gotten a strong response to the storytelling programming we feature across the week, so we’re keeping it on the schedule; it will now air at 9pm.

How does this affect the shows I like?

The new, curated hour of 1A will air across weekdays at 8pm. We’ll continue airing some of the best one-hour shows that public radio offers at 9pm weeknights, retaining variety in the evening schedule and an additional airing of your favorite weekend shows:
· Mondays: Ted Radio Hour
· Tuesdays: Special Programming
· Wednesdays: This American Life
· Thursdays: Reveal
· Fridays: Dinner Party Download

On Point moves an hour later to 10 PM, providing late-night listeners with a recap and analysis of the day’s biggest stories. We’ll end our broadcast day with an international news focus with As It Happens at 11 PM, followed by a new timeslot for The World at midnight, where host Marco Werman links global events directly to the American agenda.

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